What Misook does to sell your home.

Contract ratified!...!!

  1. Check contract thoroughly to be legally enforceable.
  2. Deliver ratified contract to all parties with synopsis.
  3. Send ratified contract to loan originator & attorney.
  4. Deliver earnest money check to settlement attorney.
  5. Change status from Active to Contingent on MLS.
  6. Remind seller of ordering HOA or Condo Doc, if any.
  7. Call to schedule & coordinate home inspection.
  8. Check file to check for loan application.
  9. Schedule with all parties for other inspections, if any.
  10. Negotiate for seller all the items submitted by     buyer, and remove contingency timely. 
  11. Coordinate termite & radon inspections, if any.
  12. Coordinate the time of Appraisal and inform seller.
  13. Meet Appraiser at property and provide Comps.
  14. Negotiate for seller after appraisal report is arrived
  15. Remove appraisal contingency and inform lender.
  16. Check reports from inspectors sent to agencies.
  17. Send Home Owner's Insurance Policy to Lender.
  18. Check with Buyer agent for status of loan approval.
  19. Verify settlement date and time with all parties.
  20. Schedule & coordinate Final Walk-through.
  21. Report the result of Final Walk-through to seller.
  22. Notify utility companies.
  23. Remind seller to obtain water meter reading.
  24. Confirm with settlement company for the details.
  25. Arrange for sign removal and remove lockbox.

House on the Market..

  1. Announce agents about new listing at office.
  2. Call all the listing agents in the neighborhood.
  3. Email & Invite Agents to come to Agent tour.
  4. Install Curb Shopper to generate more traffic.
  5. Hold Open Houses for Neighbors-Only and public.
  6. Put up as many as directional signs before Opens.
  7. Email visitor report to seller after each open.
  8. Send Thank-You letter to visitors and agents.
  9. Call the visitors for their interests and feedbacks.
  10. Preview similar homes nearby to monitor sales.
  11. Obtain agents' and their buyers' feedback  daily.
  12. Provide market response to seller weekly.
  13. Market listing in Misook's bi-monthly Newsletter.
  14. Monitor showing activity daily at Sentrilock.com. 
  15. Email feedback form requests to all the visitors.
  16. Log in sheet & business cards left at property.            
  17. Advertise listing on Post and others weekly.
  18. Call all major agents to network for buyers.
  19. Call all the past clients for potential buyers.
  20. Call neighbors to ask for any potential buyers.
  21. Contact Relocation Department for transfers.
  22. Promote listing at office business meeting.
  23. Email Just-Listed announcement to local Agents.
  24. Advertise listing on all the major website.
  25. Send Web Statistics Reports to sellers regularily.
  26. Schedule biweekly meeting with seller for update

Listing Signed...

  1. Process all the paperwork and details for MRIS.
  2. Submit original listing form to the office.
  3. Send listing contract to seller with marketing plan.
  4. Make a new file for listing and keep the copy in it.
  5. Order yard sign.
  6. Compose apprealing house description for MRIS.
  7. Preparing and writing the ad in advance.
  8. Copy keys and install lockbox.
  9. Order virtual tour.
  10. Upload listing onto MRIS, GCAAR and websites.
  11. Guide seller prepare their home before photo.
  12. Meet photographer at property for photo shoot.
  13. Create house fact sheet & property highlights.
  14. Write ads for print media.
  15. Create listing video and upload to YouTube.
  16. Prepare and send out 500 "Just Listed" cards.
  17. Schedule for Tuesday Broker open.
  18. Order lunch for Agent on Tuesday, if needed.
  19. Call seller on Monday to remind them of tour. 
  20. Put listing info into Case sheet and database.
  21. Contact marketing dept for new listing campaign.
  22. Create single property website for new listing.
  23. Upload Open House ads to MLS and all websites.
  24. Put "Just Listed" ad on Post and Gazette papers.
  25. Deliver fact sheet with property highlights,           

      government regulation disclosures, utility form,                                  

      consent for dual agency form & etc.