Testimonials from Past Clients

From the moment I met you I could tell that it would be difficult to find anyone who would work harder or be a better negotiator for us. We had decided to hire Washington Fine Properties to list the house and I was filling out the Listing Agreement when Tom called and asked me to wait and assured me that we needed to meet. He was very right.

You are so knowledgeable about how to sell a home effectively. You always helped me do everything we needed to do for the house to be presented in the best possible light. You have a great intuitive understanding of what buyers are looking for, and the perfect evidence of that is that our buyers were beyond thrilled with our (former) home and said at the closing that our house had “exactly everything they had ever dreamed of in a home.” You can’t beat that.

Thank you so much for being such a critical part of helping us reach our goal of moving closer to our families and to a waterfront home where we can do our fishing and boating right from our backyard. It’s not an easy market to sell in, but you worked a deal for us where we netted 99% of what we’d hoped and the sale was completed and closed 102 days after the listing date. ...You always put a smile on my face.

from  Wendy Haas,  Arlington, VA

I had been trying to sell my condo on my own for several weeks but was not having any success. I signed Misook on as my realtor and within 48 hours I had a full price offer for my condo. Through the entire process, Misook was friendly, professional, and went above and beyond to assist me however she could. I would not have been able to sell my condo without her.

 from  Rachel Myers, Washington, DC 

We want to thank you for helping us with the recent purchase of our dream home.

This was not a routine transaction, as we experienced difficulties during the back-and-forth negotiations in the bidding process and later with the delays with our loan approval process. Your professionalism and tenacity kept the whole thing moving forward and eventually got us into our home.

Your help has meant a lot to us these past months and that we hope in the future, you can assist us again.

from Yenyao & Hong Cheng,  Potomac, MD

We greatly appreciated Misook's assistance in purchasing our new home and highly recommend her services. She was knowledgeable, professional, and responsive throughout the whole process. Her competence and thoughtfulness made purchasing our new home a pleasure!

Misook, we wish you success, and are happy to serve as a reference in the future.

                                                 from Jessica Panfil, Arlington, VA

Misook was a great person to work with in such a personal and sensitive subject as home purchase. She worked in my interest helping me go through the desision making process with no extra pressure with good based facts. Her personal skills and professionalism helped me make the right desision and understand the process. She is very responsive and would go an extra mile to get you what you need. 


                                             from Irina Ruddy, Arlington, VA

Misook is one of the hardest working people I have met in my professional and personal life. She helped us both selling and buying my houses within 5 weeks’ time. She worked tirelessly to market my house without skimping on marketing expenses. Her excellent negotiation skill helped us getting our new house in a good price. Now, I am writing this review sitting in my new home kitchen that Misook helped us buying, feeling happy with her performance. I would highly recommend her based on her expertise and passion in the real estate field. She is also very pleasant to deal with. 


                                                from Youkyong Kwon, Bethesda, MD

I could believe that she really worked for my interest. She was very respectable, knowledgeable. Over all I highly recommend her.


                                              from E. Kil,  Washington, DC

I've been trying to sell my house for over a year and contracted 3 realtors but nothing hap- pened. At one point I thought I would never sell the house but I found Mrs. Lee who from the beginning assured me that she would sell the house. In less than a week from listing my house, we had two offers. She has the best demeanor, and is very polite and a very nice person to talk to and deal with. I highly recommend Mrs. Misook Lee. 

                                             from  Liliana Ostria, Rockville, MD


Misook Lee is the most known person I know who has demonstrated her Skills with Quality and Endurance. Her Kindness and knowledge of the Real Estate Market presented me with a Sale because of her experience from the beginning to the end. I have had great pleasure working along side with someone who took an understanding of my wants out of selling my home. She found someone who appreciated and Loved the house as I did. You can Trust and Believe all the things when she has done even words that she has encourage me along the way. For all those who want their house Sold. Call Her. She will not let you down. Thanks Again Misook. You were wonderful!!  

                                           from  Sharon French, Washington, DC

Speaking on behalf of my family, Misook Lee exceeded our expectations and was instru- mental in helping us sell our home. She made sure the home was staged properly and marketed the property aggressively. Two contracts were presented to us in a relatively short period of time. Her extensive level of expertise was evident in the professionalism that she displayed with us and others throughout the process. Her expertise, customer service and attention to detail made our selling experience a happy one. Misook, we wish you success, and are happy to serve as a reference in the future. 

                                         from  Beverly Stewart, Silver Spring, MD